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Participants in the Student Portfolio Liaison program:

  • Provide leadership in portfolio student professional development. Act as communication liaisons between students, faculty/staff, and EPCS
  • liaison working
    Liaisons support classmates in portfolio authoring session at EPCS
    Develop expertise with help of EPCS in artifact selection authoring issues and using the portfolio in the job search
  • Includes verifying semester course requirements with faculty and communicating this to students and EPCS, checking with students on progress and coordinating help with EPCS or with students individually
  • Submit assignments/portfolio requirements to be used as examples for peers
  • Provide assistance to students in portfolio authoring
    • Coordinate group upload session, work session (1 or 2 per semester) or working with students on an individual basis
    • Commit to providing 1 hour per week at the MERIT Library for Portfolio Drop-In Help
    • Provide Portfolio authoring skills assistance to fellow students
    • Record all activities in on-line activities log (include when worked at MERIT Library, who you helped, what you did, issues from your cohort or other students)
  • Attend Portfolio authoring trainings for liaisons and liaison meetings: total 1 or 2 per semester
  • Provide support at EPCS training sessions if available
  • Develop an example portfolio for your peers with assistance from EPCS
  • Participation in the Liaison program is for the entire semester
    liaison working
    Liaisons provide Drop-In help for students at the MERIT Library

Full-time participants in the program receive:

  • $10.00/hour, approximately 25 hours per semester, unless approved by EPCS
  • Specialized training in Portfolio authoring

For a listing of current participants, click here

If you are interested in participating in or learning more about this program, contact:

  • Jennie Diaz ( or Ann Halbach ( or call 608-262-1755